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life goes on.

just taking it step by step,,

7 September
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Well i'm 15 years old and i'm a freshman. I don't really have a lot of hobbies but just to sit around all day and eat. I'm very good at that. I have three sisters and 3 brothers, I wonder how i'll ever get the time to edit this journal without my sibblings wanting to get on the computer........ But anyways that's really it.

Update: I am now 21 years old. I look back at my shit from 6 years old and want to throw up. Time passed but, I am still pretty much the same person. Now I don't have to fight my siblings for the computer anymore since I now have my own. I'm a sophomore/junior in college and I'm absolutely obsessed with Arashi. I've been an Arashian since I first discovered them in January of 2010. I can't imagine life before my fandom considering that my life is consumed with all things Arashi. Sounds pretty scary huh??? But, I promise that I'm not crazy!! I am officially one step closer to achieving a lifetime dream of mines which is going to Japan. In June of 2012, I will be heading over to Japan for 2 weeks. I just can't express in words on how happy I am. I finally get to be on the homeland of Arashi hahahaa. Ok, let me stop with the creepiness!! Well, yep, that's me (=